Denture Facts

For patients who have lost all of their natural teeth, they have normally four choices for placement prosthesis.

From the highest to lowest end according to cost is:

  1. Fixed Hybrid Bridge (Supported by 6-8 Standard Size Implants)
    Neither the patient nor doctor can remove. Implants placed by oral surgeon. After 6 months healing, prosthodontic treatment may take 4-8 visits.
  2. Screw Retained Implant Denture
    Doctor can remove, patient cannot.  Would require a minimum of 4 standard implants placed by an oral surgeon. 5-6 visits in our office.
  3. Implant Overdenture (with Mini Implants)
    Patient must remove daily, but with strong retention. Mini implants surgically placed in our office. 1 hour procedure. If a new denture is made, 4 visits prior to surgery.  1-2 visits after surgery, to complete implant snaps and adjustments.
  4. Removeable Dentures (Traditional Dentures)
    Removed daily, and takes 4-5 visits.

All of these options are good replacement choices. Dental Implants serve 2 purposes: 

  1. To retain bone so it won’t vanish away!
  2. To add retention to an appliance.

Any Prosthesis, fixed or removeable can take time to adjust to. It can take 1-2 months (maybe longer or shorter) to finally get accustomed. Patients cannot wear a removable appliance and hope to break in it.  You will develop sore areas that require us to adjust, usually 2-3 visits, at no extra cost, after delivery.  Patients cannot compare a new prosthesis to the fit of an old one! This is something new to your body, so you must allow your mouth to adapt and for us to adjust sore areas.

Partial Denture facts

Patients who are missing some, but not all teeth have the restorative option of partial dentures.  This treatment is usually done in conjuction with bridgework if patients have strong, healthy teeth- just missing some.  Most of the new technology have centered around partials.  We are now using the more esthetically clean clasp on the front teeth to eliminate the unsightly metal clasp from view.  The metal substructure is continued to roof of mouth and allows the partial to be strong while allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods and beverages better!

The flexible partials are reserved for patients who are missing very few teeth in the upper arch only.  A very esthetically pleasing prosthesis.  Partials only take 3-4 visits before delivery.


Dr. Blackburn III has dubbed the term “Prosthoestheics” as a cross between prosthodontic (tooth replacement dentistry) in a very esthetic, cosmetic practice.  At Atlanta Prosthodontics, we try and design prosthesis showing very little metal that you see in traditional dentistry.  Many of our patients have busy work and social lives, and they are concerned with how an appliance will look and make them sound.  We make sure that everyone will leave the chair looking better than before.

We serve all of Atlanta, and our Buckhead location is easily accessible to intown neighborhoods and north metro areas.

Veterans please bring your choice cards for treatment here instead of long VA waits! We are vets and give 10% vet discounts!!

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