Dental Bonding

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Tooth bonding (or cosmetic bonding) is a quick and inexpensive way to repair minor flaws. Is is less costly than our other restorative dental procedures. Tooth bonding can be used to correct minor but noticeable flaws and damage flaws to your teeth.

Perhaps you feel or you’ve been told that you would be drop dead gorgeous or handsome if your teeth weren’t so flawed. Tooth bonding can cover gapped teeth, badly stained teeth, and crooked teeth.

Tooth bonding can lengthen short teeth.

Tooth bonding can be used for filling cavities, and it looks much more esthetically pleasing than an amalgam filling.

Get Tooth Bonding from Qualified Dentists

Dr. Blackburn II and Dr. Blackburn III, have performed hundreds of tooth bonding procedures in Atlanta. Their elite skills put them in the 98th percentile of all dentists, so you can be sure that your smile is going to be perfect when they are done with it.

How Is Tooth Bonding Performed?

Unlike our other restorative dental procedures, tooth bonding can be accomplished in just one visit!

First, your tooth is prepared by roughing it up a little and applying a conditioning liquid to it. The preparation of the tooth is necessary for the resin to bond or adhere to it. No anesthesia is needed. The preparation for tooth bonding is mild compared to the preparation needed for veneers or crowns.

Next, the putty like resin is applied, molded, and trimmed into the shape of a tooth. This putty will match the color of your teeth.

Finally, the resin is hardened with an ultraviolet light. Now that the resin is part of your tooth, it is trimmed one more time and polished to insure that it is perfect.

All of this is accomplished in an hour or less per tooth!

Quick, painless, and inexpensive!

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