What is Prosthodontist?

Atlanta Prosthodontist, Dr. Blackburn II

A prosthodontist is a dental specialist in replacing missing teeth and/or restoring damaged teeth. Prosthodontics is an official specialty recognized by the ADA and is one of only two dental specialties that focuses on cosmetics or esthetics (orthodontics being the other dental specialty). Putting it in layman’s terms, if you are considering having dental implants, dentures, porcelain veneers, crowns, or any other prosthetic dental device in your mouth to restore your winning smile, don’t just see any dentist. See a prosthodontist!

What Kind of Training Does a Prosthodontist Have?

Prosthodontists are required to have a dental degree AND an additional 3-4 years of postgraduate specialty training in an ADA accredited programDr. Blackburn II received his postgraduate certificate in prosthodontics in 1968 from NYU while his son, Dr. Blackburn III, received his postgraduate certificate in prosthodontics in 2002 from the Medical College of Georgia’s School of Dentistry.

Prosthodontists Are Like Needles in a Haystack

While there are more than 170,000 dentists in the United States (source: Wikipedia), less than 2% of them are prosthodontists. The Blackburns are a rare prestigious breed. If anybody is capable of giving you a smile makeover, Drs. Blackburn and Blackburn are, and they both are available to restore your winning smile at their dentistry in the heart of Atlanta, GA.

Cosmetic Dentistry is an Overused Marketing Term

Many general dentists call themselves “cosmetic dentists”. Cosmetic dentistry is NOT a specialty. The term has been overused for marketing purposes. Prosthodontics IS a specialty and focuses on esthetics. It is an art and a skill to keep teeth esthetically pleasing while using prosthetic devices. This is not easy to do. If anybody deserves to be called a “cosmetic dentist”, it’s a prosthodontist as they can perform complex procedures to restore your teeth, and Drs. Blackburn and Blackburn are here in Atlanta, GA to help you restore your smile.

Prosthodontists are ADA Recognized Specialists

Many dentists will perform reconstructive dental procedures on patients after taking just one weekend course. Your smile is nothing to take lightly. Do you want your winning smile back? Then see someone with more than a few hours of training to give your smile a major overhaul.

Prosthodontists are required to have years of training in an ADA accredited program. They are more than capable of providing full-mouth restorations, treating TMJ disorders, and performing other cosmetic reconstructive dental procedures.

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